Case Study: Installation of New Sub Main – Tytherington School

Case Study: Education

Client: D H Wheltons 

Completed: August 2021

Services Used

New electrical supply –  Sub main and section board.


Since being rebuilt in 1957, Tytherington School in Macclesfield has been extended several times. It now hosts around 1300 pupils.

Scope of works:

An extension to the school needed a new electrical supply; the project required us to fit a new sub-main and section board. It also required the fabrication of metalwork onsite.

Contract Arrangements:

For over ten years, we have had a good working relationship with the main contractor DH Whelton, and the project was awarded based on the quality of our previous work and the skillset required.

Metal Fabrication

Fabricating steel ducting onsite enables us to work quickly and effectively when installing electrical supplies in commercial premises.

new electrical supply school
The Results:

Completed in just two days, including the metal fabrication. The project was completed on budget and the client and school were pleased with the results.