Case Study: St Francis RC Primary School Mechanical & Electrical Installation

St Francis RC Primary School, Gorton, Manchester.

Client: Rosslee Construction

Sector: Education

Budget: £51,245

Completed: September 2023

Services Used

HVAC, Domestic Services, WCs & Electrical Works.


St Francis RC Primary School  is located in Gorton, Manchester, and is for boys and girls aged 3 to 11 years.

Project Scope:

In the summer of 2023, the school underwent the building of a new extension and refurbishment works by Rosslee Construction.

The mechanical and electrical work was undertaken by Meel Group Projects division. The contract was awarded based on cost and reputation.

The overall project improved the school’s environment by creating a new entrance lobby within the extension, refurbished offices and visitors’ rooms.

WC updates and domestic service enhancements were required, as well as the relocation and installation of Low-Surface-Temperature (LST) radiators and alterations to the Low-Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) system. We also made significant improvements to the air conditioning and ventilation systems, all of which will significantly improve the school’s comfort and safety.

The school’s refurbishment included moving the main entrance, which required adjustments to the electrical installations to accommodate the revised layout. This involved updating the lighting, power, fire alarm, and intruder alarm systems accordingly.

Mechanical Scope of Works: Alterations to Domestic Services and new supplies to WCs.

WCs & Sanitary Ware

Female WC: 

Installation of sanitary ware for the female WC, comprising two toilets and basins.

Male WC:

Installation of Accessible Washroom Doc M Packs.

St Francis RC Primary School Mechanical installation meel group cheshire
St Francis RC Primary School Mechanical installation meel group cheshire
Heating and Domestic Supplies:

Our engineers made domestic pipework alterations to suit the revised building layouts.

We conducted a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the building to identify the optimum locations for relocating existing LST radiators and installing three new Jaga LST radiators.
We then altered the low surface temperature pipework to suit the new positions.

Air Conditioning 

As part of the project, we made alterations to the building’s air conditioning system.

  • Relocated two wall-mounted air conditioning units, ensuring alignment with the new spatial layout. 
  • Executed alterations to pipework for the new locations. 
  • Installed new Condensate Pumps. 

Ventilation Axia Fans Installation: 

We installed three Vent Axia fans dedicated to each WC to facilitate optimal airflow. These vented to the atmosphere through the roof, we ensured weatherproofing with meticulously installed cowls. 

Electrical Scope of Works: 

Rooms affected by modifications to the existing lighting, power, fire, and intruder alarm were the Heads Office, Female WC, Sickbay, Admin Office, Entrance Lobby, Storeroom, Accessible WC and Interview Room.

Project Completion:

We provided detailed documentation and training for end-users on the operation and maintenance of the updated systems.

Post installation, we undertook inspections and fine-tuning to address any unforeseen issues. The client was very pleased with the installation and the quality of work.