Case Study: Primark Store Conversion- Mechanical & Electrical

Case Study: Shopping centre store conversion and refurbishment.

Client: Cumberbirch Ltd

Sector: Retail

Budget: £973,000

Completed: May 2024

Services Used

Mechanical and Electrical work to prepare for Primark’s move.


The former Debenhams unit within The Broadway Shopping Centre, Bradford, was to be divided into three separate tenantable units and new landlord areas, including stair cores and newly formed corridors & rooms. One of these new areas was to be the new Primark store.

The clothing store was due to move from its current unit in the Kirkgate Shopping Centre into The Broadway.
The project involved mechanical and electrical works to prepare the existing space for this move. 

Project Scope:

The project was undertaken for Cumberbirch Ltd and the job was won on price and reputation. It was to have a duration of seven months from 08/2023 – 03/2024.

Mechanical works involved sprinkler installation, AHU repairs and installation, Booster set installation and smoke extraction system.

Electrical works included Utility Services Infrastructure, Band 1 & 2 Cabling and Containment, Life Safety Systems.

Mechanical Scope of Works:

Boosted Cold Water
The project involved Meel Group designing and engineering a new cold water booster set tailored to the specific requirements of supplying the metered supplies to levels 1 & 2.
We coordinated with Broadway Shopping Centre for a seamless connection to the existing cold water storage tank and conducted pressure and flow tests to ensure optimal performance.

Above Ground Drainage
Our engineers collaborated with the client’s design team to create precise plans for alterations based on the back-of-house layout.
We documented and preserved existing pipework connections for future fit-out phases.

Cold Smoke Extract System
We performed a detailed evaluation of the existing smoke extract system and then engaged with structural and architectural teams to design a robust smoke extract system from the shop front to the roof.
We implemented this plan by sourcing and installing two new smoke extract fans aligned with safety standards, meticulously fabricating and installing cold smoke extract ductwork, and seamlessly connecting it to the existing system.

Systemair Air Handling Unit
Systemair Air Handling Unit
Systemair smoke extract fans meel group
Systemair smoke extract fans

Health Check and Repairs to AHU 1, 2 & 3
Our engineers conducted comprehensive health checks on AHUs 1, 2, and 3, including performance testing, component inspection, and efficiency assessments.
We generated a detailed report outlining any issues found during the health checks and developed a remedial plan that included replacing or repairing faulty components.

Air Conditioning
A detailed plan was put in place for removing the old air conditioning systems within the site before coordinating with relevant teams to ensure a safe and efficient dismantling process.
We disposed of removed systems in accordance with environmental regulations.

A new sprinkler system was required and installed for the back-of-house areas and stair cores.
We sourced and installed sprinklers meeting regulatory standards, integrating the new system with the existing sprinkler pipework in the basement.

BMS (Building Management System)
Our engineers collaborated with the control systems team to design a new BMS panel on level 1 of the building.
We specified and procured components for the BMS panel, ensuring compatibility with the existing infrastructure.
This was followed by testing and commissioning the BMS panel, configuring it to control the 4 Air Handling Units on the roof.

Lift Shaft Extract
Meel Group specified and installed an inline fan with optimal extraction capacity. Our engineers precisely terminated the extract system on level 2 with a grille in the wall, ensuring aesthetic integration with the building.

Meel Group’s design engineers analysed the existing AHU 4, identifying specific requirements for a like-for-like replacement. Considering energy efficiency and performance standards, we specified and procured the new AHU.

Electrical Scope of Works:

We supplied, installed, tested and commissioned sub-distribution systems using XLPE/SWA/LSF cabling in accordance with BS 6724 and BS 7671.

We installed 6242B LSZH T&E and 6491B LSZH singles cable, ensuring concealment and protection from environmental factors.

We used OM3 multimode or OS1 single-mode fibre optic cabling according to the tender layouts. Our engineers also coordinated with a Data and Telecoms Installation Specialist for the MSU20 unit.


Containment Systems
We used manufacturer-approved cable cleats and dedicated containment systems.

Cable Containment Systems Included:

  • 20% Expansion Factor: Inclusion in contractor’s design submission.
  • Galvanised Steel Cable Ladder: To support sub-main cabling, fixed using fixed using Unistrut bracketry.
  • Galvanised Steel Tray and Trunking: For T&E cables, including accessories and fittings.

Incoming Electrical Service
Meel Group coordinated with IDNO ESP Utilities regarding subdividing the existing low-voltage network into four new supplies.

CCTV System
We designed, installed, and commissioned a comprehensive CCTV system. The system is fully integrated with the central security management system, allowing real-time monitoring, recording, and retrieval of footage as required.

Access Control System
Our engineers installed an access control system, which provides secure entry and exit for authorised personnel. The system includes card readers, break-glass, and ‘push-to-release’ buttons.

Fire Alarm System
Compliance and Design: The fire alarm system complies with BS5839. Its features include smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call points, and audible and visual alarms. The system is fully integrated with the building’s evacuation systems.


The project was achieved on schedule and budget. The client was pleased with the results.